Gutter and Leaf Guard Installation

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Gutter and leaf guards are a great way to cut back on the number of chores you need to do around the house while protecting your roof at the same time. 

These handy devices keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters while letting drainage continue unimpeded.

At Beemer KangaRoof, we install high-quality Bulldog Gutter Guards that are just what you need to simplify your roof maintenance, protect your investment in your home and prevent gutter-cleaning accidents. 

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Cleaning out gutters is one of the most arduous tasks homeowners need to complete as part of their roof maintenance routine. 

Gutter cleaning can be quite dangerous, spending significant time atop a high ladder or on the roof itself. Instead of regularly going through this trouble, you can keep your gutters clear with gutter guards.

These additions to your gutters come in many different varieties, some of which may be more effective for particular homes than others. 

Gutter guards usually come in panels that are six feet long. They’re designed to cover your gutters. These guards feature holes or mesh that allow for the free flow of water into the gutter while preventing the accumulation of leaves or other debris.

If you find yourself dealing with clogged gutters every year, gutter guard installation from Beemer KangaRoof could be your best bet to solve that problem permanently. 

Our experienced team can carry out the installation quickly, reliably, and affordably. With properly installed gutter guards, you won’t have to worry about clogs anymore.

Some homeowners might think that they can install gutter guards without help from their local roofing company. Unfortunately, this can be even more dangerous than routine gutter cleaning. 

You may think just searching online for a “roofer near me” might help, but if you don’t find one with experience in installing gutter guards, the results could be as shabby as if you tried to do it yourself. 

Calling in the trusted professionals at Beemer KangaRoof will ensure that:

  • You get the right fit for your gutters
  • You receive high-quality gutter guards suited for Greenville, SC, weather
  • Installation is carried out without damage to shingles or flashing
  • Guards are properly attached so they won’t blow away
  • Spaces won’t be left for debris or pests to bypass the guards
  • You won’t spend hours on a ladder fiddling with unfamiliar hardware

Gutter guards are a convenient way to simplify your roof maintenance. Choosing the professionals at Beemer KangaRoof is a great way to streamline gutter guard installation!

Bulldog Gutter Guards

Beemer KangaRoof works with the best brands on every job we do, from roofing materials to gutter guards. To ensure that our customers get the highest quality materials available, we install Bulldog Gutter Guards. This brand has many advantages, and we believe it delivers the best value for our customers.

Tough and Durable

Bulldog Gutter Guards are incredibly strong, keeping up with anything nature can throw at them. Their durable aluminum construction stands up to even the harshest downpours, remaining fixed to your gutters.

These guards are designed to fit both old-style and new gutters with an innovative attachment system. They feature both rear and front attachment, providing superior strength and great resistance to wind, a must-have here in Greenville, SC.


Bulldog Gutter Guards keep unwanted debris out of your gutters. They also prevent birds and other pests from making their homes in troughs or downspouts. Not only do they keep your gutters clear, but their unique shape also makes them invisible from the ground.

You’ll be able to maintain both the integrity of your gutters and the curb appeal of your home when Beemer KangaRoof installs your Bulldog Gutter Guards.

Low Maintenance

Roof maintenance is enough to keep up with without having to worry about your gutter guards. Bulldog Gutter Guards have a unique design that reduces the need to clean off debris collected on top. 

The ribbed design directs airflow to lift leaves and other debris, leaving your gutters free of build-up without any intervention on your part.

Bulldog Gutter Guards are much more effective than many drop-in gutter guards you might find at your local hardware store. They can handle more rain, keep your gutters cleaner, feature a 25-year manufacturer warranty, and are proudly American-made.

This professional-level protection requires expert installation, so reach out to Beemer KangaRoof to get a quote on your Bulldog Gutter Guards today.

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