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If you own a home in the Greenville, SC area, protect your assets by investing in regular roof inspections. At Beemer KangaRoof, we provide detailed and comprehensive roof inspections for storm-damaged roofs, homes that are soon to be on the market, and for insurance purposes. Roof inspections can be done each year to check for potential problems, or they can be scheduled any time you have concerns about your roof.

The Benefits of Roof Inspections

Roof inspections come with many benefits both for your finances and for your safety. At Beemer KangaRoof we are happy to help customers avoid major repairs or to make the process of selling their home easier. Here are a few of the benefits of having your roof inspected.

Find Small Problems

Your roof is exposed to both the good and bad of Greenville weather. Both sunshine and rain can cause damage over time, and it is better to find the damage before it becomes worse. Small defects in the shingles can allow water to collect, causing rot, mold, and leaking over time. During a roof inspection, the inspector will be able to find these minor problems to help prevent bigger problems down the road.

Avoid Unnecessary Replacements

Some roofing companies try to push for roof replacements even when they aren’t necessary. One small leak in your roof does not always necessitate a replacement. Some roofs can even develop harmless algae that can be mistaken for mold or mildew, leading to unnecessary replacements. With a roof inspection, you can get a comprehensive report on your roof before making a decision, and our inspectors can help you to choose the best option for your home.

Certification Reports

An inspection through Beemer KangaRoof makes it easy to get a roof certification when selling your home. Buyers are more likely to show a strong interest in your property if they can be assured of the roof’s quality. Our certifications are accepted by banks, insurance companies, and more.

Save Money Long Term

You can save money in the long-term by investing in regular roof inspections. A roof inspection can help extend the lifespan of your roof. You can avoid costly repairs and water damage, and you can even protect it from storms by making sure it is in great condition.

Storm Damage Inspections

When a storm devastates homes in the area, a reliable roof inspector is needed to assess the damage and to make the process of filing an insurance claim easy. At Beemer KangaRoof, we are here for you after the storm and will walk with you until the problem is resolved. We will look for broken and missing shingles, check skylights, chimneys, gutters, and vents, and draw up a detailed report.

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

Our thorough roof inspections are designed so that nothing important is missed. If necessary, the inspector will start inside the home to look for spots on the ceiling, signs of decay, and light coming through into the attic. They will check to see if the roof is insulated, and look for any internal damage that has been caused by leaks.

After taking a look inside the home, the inspector will move to the outside of the home. They will check gutters, eaves, overhangs, and drains to make sure there are no defects and to ensure that water is flowing from the roof to the ground correctly. They will also check to make sure the chimney is in good condition.

The inspector will then check every inch of your roof. They will look for any shingles that are missing or damaged and check for mold or moisture buildup. They will make sure there is no buckling, and if you have a metal roof, they will check that fasteners are still tightly in place.

After the inspection, the inspector will give you an accurate estimate for any necessary repairs. You will receive a detailed report of any problems, and advice on how to best move forward. Be sure to give your roofing inspector a reason for the inspection as they will draft different reports based on what it is needed for.

Your Premium Source for Roof Inspections

We are dedicated to quality roof inspections and customer satisfaction. Whether you are trying to sell your home, or recover from a damaging storm, our team is here to assist you. If you are ready for a roof inspection, call us today and we will do what we can to make the process fast and convenient.