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While most homeowners are the responsible sort, some wait until the last possible minute to maintain their roofs—which is a dangerous and costly mistake. The longer roof maintenance is delayed, the more likelihood there is of a costly repair or replacement. Avoid the additional expense and lengthen your roof’s lifespan with regular roofing tune-up services in Greenville, SC. The team here at Beemer KangaRoof is here to keep your roof in great condition, so call us today.

How Often Should a Roof Be Tuned Up?

As with other parts of your home, regular maintenance will preserve your roof’s appearance, structural integrity, and function. For the best results, we suggest booking a tune-up at least once per year. If Greenville’s weather turns harsh, or if your home is surrounded by trees, we recommend scheduling a tune-up every six months. With easy scheduling and fast service, there’s no reason not to get the roof maintenance services you need. Call or click to schedule your next roof tune-up.

Roof Inspection

Whether you think you need a new roof or have started to notice loose shingles, leaks, and other issues, our roof inspection services will help you get to the bottom of the problem. During a seasonal roof inspection, our team will look for signs such as:

  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Missing and damaged shingles
  • Flashing damage
  • Exposed fasteners
  • Sinking or sagging
  • Damaged soffits and fascia
  • Dry rot

We will inspect skylights, dryer vents, chimneys, and other penetration points, and we will also look at your basement and attic to find indications of other roofing problems. Once we’ve finished the inspection, we’ll outline our findings and recommend the appropriate course of action. Greenville’s property owners have counted on us for years, and we would love to help you. Call Beemer KangaRoof today to schedule your inspection.

Roof Touch-Up

Greenville’s weather can sometimes get stormy, which means wind- and water-related damage is entirely possible. When the damage is minor and full-scale repairs aren’t needed, consider scheduling a touch-up with a reliable roofing contractor like us. Our team will assess the condition of your roof, make minor repairs, and give your roof the care it needs for a longer lifespan and fewer costly fixes. We’re always here to help the area’s property owners maintain their roofs, so call now for your appointment.

Flashing & Chimney Sealing

If your home has a chimney or a dryer vent, there’s metal flashing surrounding it. Flashing serves an important purpose; it prevents water from getting into your roof and home via these penetration points. If the flashing is damaged, however, the system’s integrity is greatly undermined. At Beemer KangaRoof, our team specializes in repairing these vital components and keeping your home protected from leaks and water damage. Contact us online or by phone to request flashing and chimney sealing services.

Skylight Sealing

Is a skylight letting water into your home? Get help fast! Our specialists have helped hundreds of Greenville property owners with skylight sealing and repair services. Your skylight may be leaking because of:

  • Improperly installed flashing that allows water to get under the edges and into the inside of the home
  • A faulty seal between the roof and its flashing
  • Rain leaking into the area around the skylight’s frame
  • Broken and worn vent mechanisms
  • Condensation on the inside glass
  • Damage from falling branches

Regardless of the reason for your skylight leak, we can fix it. Schedule your skylight seal repair appointment online or call our team for additional details on our tune-up and roof damage repair services.

Ideally, Greenville property owners should schedule a roofing tune-up at least once a year. Regular inspections and maintenance will greatly extend the roof’s useful life. While residential roofs are built to stand up to severe weather, Nature doesn’t always play nicely, and even the strongest roof can become damaged. Not all damage is visible to the naked eye, but regular roof inspections and tune-ups can catch small problems before they turn into big and expensive ones. Typically, we recommend getting a roof tune-up before storm season, to prevent leaks and other issues. Call now to schedule yours.

Contact Beemer KangaRoof for Roofing Tune-Up Services

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve lived in the area for decades, the importance of roof maintenance cannot be understated. We’ve been helping Greenville’s property owners maintain their roofs for years, and we are excited to help you, too. Learn more about our roof tune-up services online or call us to book your next service visit.