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Storms happen regularly, and while most of them don’t cause widespread damage, they can still be frightening. When there is a severe storm in the area, there’s the potential for roofing damage. Rain, wind, hail, and more can mean you’ll end up needing storm damage roof repair once the calm skies return. Greenville, SC, residents who have any damage to their roofs can call on Beemer Kangaroof for fast, professional repairs. Let us help you get the roof back into shape and prevent further damage to your home. 

How to Handle Emergencies With the Roof

When there are any issues with the roof, it’s essential to have them fixed as soon as possible. If there is damage from a storm, though, it may be an emergency, and you may not be able to wait for the storm damage roof repair to be done. The first thing to do is have a storm damage roof inspection done. We’ll arrive quickly to do a thorough storm damage roof inspection and can discuss the next steps with you once we know the extent of the damage. 

Repair or Replace the Roof?

A common concern is whether the roof can be repaired or if a storm damage roof replacement is needed. It all depends on how severe the damages are, as well as other factors like the age of the roof. If it’s not possible to repair the roof or the repairs would be very expensive, we may recommend a storm damage roof replacement. We do strive to do repairs first to save you money. 

How to Pay for Roofing Damages

Another common concern is how to pay for roof storm damage. First, you’ll want to make a roof storm damage insurance claim. Most insurance policies will cover storm damage to the roof, so the insurance company may pay the whole cost of the repair or replacement after your deductible. Speak with your insurance company if you have any questions about filing the roof storm damage insurance claim.

Emergency Roofing Services

There are different reasons you may need to call for storm damage roof repair. Some of the top causes of roofing damage include the following. 

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof may not necessarily be caused by a storm, but during a storm is where it’ll become apparent. Any leaks in the roof need to be handled quickly to minimize the amount of water entering the home and causing damage. 

Damage By the Wind

When it’s a windy day, roof wind damage is possible. High winds can cause roof wind damage by pulling the flashing away from the home, lifting the shingles, or causing the shingles to break. Fast repairs are needed for the damage. 

Damage From a Storm

Any storm has the potential to cause damage, though roof storm damage is more likely with severe storms. During a severe storm, damage can be caused by rain getting into the home, fast winds, or trees and branches falling on the home. 

Damage From Hail

Hail occurs during severe storms and can cause serious damage to any roof. Though larger hail will cause more severe roof hail damage, even small pieces of hail can end up damaging the roof because of their speed. When roof hail damage occurs, it’s best to have it fixed fast. 

Get Emergency Storm Damage Roof Repair 

When there is any damage to the roof, Greenville, SC, homeowners will want to make sure it’s fixed fast. If you can see damage to the roof or you’re concerned about hidden damage, call for storm damage roof repair right away. We can come over quickly to do an inspection and let you know what we find. We can then help you figure out the next steps to get your roof back into shape. 

Storms can be severe, and when they are, there is the potential for roofing damage. We want to make sure you can get the help you need to fix the roof fast, which is why we offer emergency storm damage roof repair. Call Beemer Kangaroof today to get help with storm damage or to learn more about how we help in emergencies.