Learning More About South Carolina Roof Inspection

Regular roof inspection is part of a homeowner’s responsibility in maintaining and protecting his asset. Major roof repairs are most likely going to be covered under homeowner’s insurance policy, but you still want to avoid the lengthy process of getting your roof damage assessed and go through the process of an insurance claim, if at all possible. Not to mention the process can be time-consuming and keep your family life in a mess for the better part of a week, particularly if your roof damage has reached a critical state.

To avoid this hassle, Beemer Kangaroof® suggests a regular roof inspection to keep your roof in top-notch condition. And, most importantly, a professional roof inspector will be able to determine and pinpoint areas that need repair or improvement before they become critical and cause even more problems.

More Reasons for You to Have a Professional Roof Inspection

There are three main reasons homeowners have their roofs inspected:

  • To identify areas that need repair;
  • To assess how many years the roof has left in its lifespan; and
  • To have a legal certificate of inspection that is required when selling the house.

Having your roof inspected will actually save you money by preventing paying for expensive repairs and, worse yet, an untimely roof replacement. Keep in mind that if not properly and immediately dealt with, minor roof problems can easily lead to bigger issues that can result in replacing your roof even if it isn’t very old. Having your roof inspected will help you to effectively avoid these unnecessary expenses and allow you to use your money on more fun things.

It is important for every homeowner to know how many years his roof has left in its lifespan. This will help to more efficiently plan and save for a roof replacement. Also, having your roof reach its full lifespan is practical and economical. It allows you to generate less waste that could harm the environment and helps you to avoid needless expense.

If you are considering selling a home, having a certificate of inspection to present to your buyers could help sell the house more quickly. This also saves the buyer from hiring a third party professional to conduct an overall and thorough inspection of the house, including the roof. Plus, it also saves you from any allegations that the house is not in a good condition to be sold.

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When Should You Schedule for a Roof Inspection?

Normally, you should have your roof inspected at least once a year. More particularly, however, it helps if you schedule for an inspection in the following occasions:

  • After a recent roof installation. This will help you confirm and determine that your new roof has been installed properly and that the installation process follows local building codes and other laws. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional roof inspector for this.
  • After a major storm, hail or hurricane. This helps you to determine which areas of your roof need immediate roof repair, which area may have been severely damaged and where major fixes and replacement are needed. You can then use the inspection report to file for an insurance claim. Make sure that you have the professional inspect your roof not long after the weather occurrence.
  • When you are selling the house. As mentioned previously, having the roof inspected helps to sell the house more quickly. If you include in your listing that it has a certificate of inspection, buyers will be more likely to contact you and send you a proposal.

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