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When the wind blows and the rain pours, it’s nice to know that you have a solid roof over your head that can protect your family from the elements. However, in order for your roof to properly take care of you, you need to first care for it by investing in quality roofing services. At Beemer KangaRoof, we know how to craft, repair, and maintain roofs in the Greenville area to make them safer and more energy-efficient for our customers.

Greenville Expert Roofing Services

Roof Repair Services

It can be alarming to find a leak in your roof during a rainstorm. However, one leak is not always a sign that you need to have your roof replaced. Restoring your roof to excellent condition doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, and a small repair can sometimes be the wisest and most economical option.

Your roof can sometimes be damaged by the very elements it is there to protect you from. Wind, rain, hail, and falling debris can dislodge your shingles or cause wear and tear over time. When your roof requires service, you need the help of compassionate people who have built their business on integrity, will provide an honest opinion on the condition of your roof, and give you solutions that work for you.

If you are a homeowner, one of the best things you can do is to pay attention to your roof and to notice when anything changes. Missing, broken, or warped shingles are an early indication that you may need a repair. You can also watch for granules in your gutters which indicate wear and tear or damage to your shingles. Look for stains on the ceiling or leaks in your attic. Beemer KangaRoof is ready to help the instant you notice any of these problems.

Roof Replacement Services

A shingle roof can only be expected to last up to 20 years, so unless your roof is an anomaly, you can expect to begin to see signs of an imminent roof replacement at this point. Severe storm damage can also make a replacement necessary. Finding the right company is essential. A cheap job done by a company that does not care about the quality of the project will end up costing you more. Insurance companies will not pay to redo a bad job, so be sure to get it done right the first time.

At Beemer KangaRoof, we know what sets apart a weather-tight and long-lasting roof from one that is going to fall apart during the first strong wind. We are meticulous in our installation process and we help our customers choose the best material for their homes. Regardless of whether you choose asphalt tiles or a metal roof, you can be sure that your roof will be the best of its kind.

While a few granules in the gutters and a missing shingle or two may not make a replacement necessary, there are other signs that specifically point towards the need for a new roof. For example, multiple leaks in different areas of the roof may be a sign that your entire roof is beginning to fail. If you are spending a lot of money repairing your roof, this money may be better spent on a new roof. Fintally, mold and rot on the roof are most often remedied with a full roof replacement.

Roof Inspections

Neither roof repairs nor replacements can be done without a thorough roof inspection. Roof inspections should be part of your yearly maintenance routine, but they should also be performed any time you notice broken shingles, a leak, or any signs of deterioration. We also recommend inspections following strong storms, even if you think your roof is fine. Regular inspections can help to extend the lifespan of your roof and give you confidence that your roof is in excellent shape.

Our inspections at Beemer Kangaroof are some of the most detailed and trustworthy in the area. When we arrive at your home we will typically begin our inspection on the inside of your home, checking the attic for any signs of leaking, and also looking around for dark stains, mold, or decay.

Once this is done, we will go outside and check every inch of your roof to look for small problems, minor imperfections, and anything that needs to be fixed or watched closely. We look at your gutters, chimney, eves, overhangs, and more, and look to make sure water is draining away from the home during rain storms.

Following your inspection, you will get a report that often includes pictures of any problem areas as well as recommendations for repair, estimates of how much it will cost to repair, and any other information you or your insurance company will need to proceed. If your roof has not been inspected in some time, give our team a call!

Roof Maintenance

Even if you live in an area that doesn’t have too many heavy storms, your roof is still daily exposed to one of the most powerful forces of nature: sunlight. This, in addition to any precipitation or wind that your area experiences, will inevitably cause problems over the years. Roof maintenance is far too often overlooked, but it is a preventative measure that can significantly increase the number of years that you can enjoy your current roof.

Small problems can be very cheap to fix, but if they are ignored for several years they can lead to buckling, leaks, rot, and other problems that are much more costly. Not only this, but little imperfections in your roof can lead to significant increases in your energy bill as warm air escapes during the winter and cool air escapes during the summer. Maintenance improves the efficiency of your home and puts more money back in your pocket.

At Beemer KangaRoof, we have been taking care of Greenville residents for many years, and we are passionate about keeping roofs in great condition through regular maintenance. We encourage our customers to schedule maintenance appointments annually. Doing so can keep your roof safe and beautiful and can save you money over the lifespan of your roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Services

Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular material used on homes in the Greenville area, as well as around the country. They have provided consistent protection from the weather for many years and the technology has only improved, making them more durable and longer lasting than ever. However, in order for your asphalt shingles to live up to their long-standing reputation, they must be installed by a reputable company that cares about the quality of the final product.

There is no better way to ensure a flawless installation than to entrust Beemer KangaRoof with this important task. We have years of experience and knowledge and can provide advice on everything from which shingles to choose to which color looks best with your paint color. We always consider your budget when helping you make decisions. When you work with a reliable roofer, you don’t have to choose the most expensive option in order to ensure a superior result.  We love to maintain constant communication with our customers throughout the process and  we are always available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Gutter Services

Every part of your roof is important, and they all work together to protect your home from the elements. Your gutters are an essential piece of this intricate system. Without your gutters, rainwater would damage your roof, erode the foundation of your home, and destroy your landscaping.

At Beemer KangaRoof, we install, repair, and maintain gutters in the Greenville area. We have a remedy for every problem including damaged gutters, gutters that are pulling away from the roof, and clogged gutters. During the installation process, we make sure to recommend the right gutter size for your home, and we design your gutter system so that it works flawlessly during a storm.

It is important to have your gutters cleaned and maintained. This should happen every year, as well as after any big storms. Storms can cause your gutters to become prematurely filled with leaves, sticks, and granules from your shingles, making them useless in the face of another storm. One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t miss your regular gutter cleaning is to become a member of our Overhead Care Club. With your membership, you will gain access to free gutter cleaning in addition to inspections, debris removal, discounts, priority service, and much more.

At Beemer KangaRoof, we are here to take care of our Greenville customers so that they can be safe and comfortable inside their homes. We do this by providing precise installations and repairs as well as affordable roof maintenance and inspections. We are always punctual and respectful, and we never take advantage of our customers by adding on surprise fees. We work with every roofing material, and we have the best prices in the area. Call us today for roofing services you can trust.