When Is It the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

A roof replacement is a massive undertaking for any Greenville, SC, homeowner and should be well-thought-out ahead of time. Asking “When should I reroof?” is an excellent starting point; we’ll walk you through the process using some sound advice from professional roofers.

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

If starting your roof replacement is still up in the air, you could be wondering whether you should hold off for a year or two. This is not a simple decision, as the answer will vary for every homeowner, depending on their roof type.

Homeowners with asphalt shingles are usually safe to go without a replacement for 15 to 20 years.

A homeowner with a clay or cement tile roof won’t have to worry about replacements for 50 to 100 years; they’re highly durable. And if they’re treated well with roof repairs and maintenance from a trusted roofing company, roofs with wood shingles could last for around 40 years.

These are all average lifespans, but other factors could impact how long your roof lasts. Roofs that enjoy consistent maintenance will always last longer, while roofs that have seen their fair share of lousy weather will often need to be replaced sooner.

The most straightforward way to know whether your roof is ready to be replaced is with a roof inspection from professional roofers.

When Is the Best Time for Roof Replacement?

If you’re confident it’s time or if a residential roofing replacement has been suggested to you, when should you schedule this project?

Winter isn’t an ideal time for replacements. The weather can be tough on roofing materials and the tools the roofers use for the installation. Steps like applying sealants will also suffer in colder temperatures.

Greenville, SC, homeowners might be champing at the bit by spring, as this is a season where roofing issues start to show themselves more clearly.

Scheduling your replacement in spring isn’t a bad plan at all. Tools should generally work as intended, as will sealants and adhesives. And the rising temperatures mean the roofing materials are less likely to break. However, rainy weather can be an issue, so spring isn’t always the best time of year either.

Summer is a popular time and an excellent choice because of the consistently pleasant weather and sunshine. The trick is to plan your project earlier in the summer, as you’ll have less chance of being rained out.

Fall could be tied with summer as the best season for roofing projects. The weather is slightly cooler, which makes it more comfortable for roofers to work, allowing them to finish the job more quickly. Remember that since summer and fall are both ideal times for these projects, roofing companies will often fill their calendars up quickly.

Now Is the Best Time for Your Roof Replacement

If you need a roofing company to assist with your roofing project, the team at Beemer Kangaroof® will hop right to it! Call our roofers today to discuss your options and schedule the replacement at the perfect time.