How Heat and Humidity Impact Your Roof

All roofs endure harsh weather conditions. Strong winds and torrential rain often test their structural integrity. Other weather elements affect our roofs That we hardly take notice of.

Your roof is constantly subjected to extreme heat and humidity. These things can affect your roof’s condition. Are you concerned about your roof’s condition? Would you like to prevent an expensive roof replacement? Schedule an appointment with a trustworthy residential roofing company, like Beemer Kangaroof®.

How Does Heat Affect Your Roof?

You likely know the law of physics about hot objects and how it expands. This includes solid surfaces, liquids, and gases. When the sun shines down on your roof, it expands. Your shingles can get damaged by shrinking, bending, or curling. This also allows moisture to get in and create leaks in your roof. As we mentioned, hot air expands or rises; therefore, the hot air in your home rises to the top. Without proper roof ventilation, this hot air will go into your attic and cause more damage to your property. Trapped heat can cause your roofing material to crack. If you can’t see any of this damage at a glance, call your roofing company to check it out and determine if your roof has been damaged by heat.

How Does Humidity Impact Your Roof?

Humidity describes how moist the area is. Humidity is usually paired with heat. The moisture compromises your roofing material and becomes trapped in your attic. As we mentioned earlier, warm, moist air rises. Moist air will likely settle in your attic, causing mold and damage to your house. Mold can cause serious health issues for you and your family. If anybody in your home has difficulty breathing or respiratory issues, contact a residential roofing company to install proper roof ventilation.

What if your roof has already been damaged by heat and humidity?

If your home feels warmer lately, this is a sign that your shingles are no longer intact. As the temperature changes, your roof also undergoes drastic changes; depending on the temperature, your roof will shrink or expand. This will increase electricity bills as you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Have you noticed any of these signs? Call Beemer Kangaroof®, your trusted roofing contractor.

The Solution

The good news is that you can prevent this all from happening. Proper roof ventilation is the key. Call Greenville’s best residential roofers. You may even notice a decrease in your electricity bill as your ac unit won’t need to keep up with the increase in temperature.

Hire The Best Residential Roofers

If you’re unsure whether your roof is damaged by heat and humidity, it is best to call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection throughout the years. Annual maintenance and regular repairs can prevent the daunting roof replacements. Contact your reliable roofing contractor, Beemer Kangaroof®, if your home is a victim of heat and humidity. We will ensure that your roof ventilation is up to scratch!