How To Protect Your Home From A Leak

Noticing signs like ugly ceiling stains and unwanted water puddles often means there’s a leak. 

But what should you do to protect your home when you find a leak?

If you can, start by finding where the leak is coming from in your attic. Place a container in the attic to catch the dripping water. Be careful not to put the container on the weak part of the ceiling (like the area where Clark Griswald famously fell through). This spot is very fragile, and putting a container there could make the structure even weaker. The last thing you want is a hole in your ceiling too.

Using a bucket to catch the water in the attic helps prevent ceiling and more other water damage. But if you can’t figure out where the leak is coming from, the smartest thing to do is to collect and contain the water as best as you can wherever it is pooling. Your main goal is to protect your entire home.

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